Kappa Kingz 4th Anniversary Ball of 2011 was a HUGE success. Everyone was looking their best in their tuxes and the ladies in their long flowing gowns. Many friends of Kappa both old and new came out in full support. We want to thank everyone that was in attendance.

Additionally, we are humbled by representatives from various other fraternities and sororities. Shout out to Omega Theta Psi, Sigma Upsilon Nu, Nu Alpha Psi, and the ladies of Kappa Delta Chi. If we missed any other organizations that represented, shouts out to you too.

I want to give special thanks to the Kappa family including Jaquinn Laville and Pimpin8ez Kidd for DJing, DAngelo  Franizzi for lending us his spot, and the mother of Kappa Euphoria Boyington-Lightstone for her hand in decorations. Thank you for all the other brothas both old and new that came out. Again, thank you to to everyone that came out in support. We look forward to many more years on the grid and I hope everyone had a ball. WE DID!!!

Kappa 4th Annivarsary Ball
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