Return to the MacKenzie Trailer January 3, 2017 Old crews join with the new as Expedition Overland returns to the MacKenzie in an attempt to map the fading historical trail of Alexander MacKenzie, originally founded in 1793. The trail was originally used by the Nuxálk and Carrier people for communication, transport and trade, in particular, trade in Eulachon grease from the Pacific coast. Expedition Overland ran the same set of GRABBER X3 tires from the Mackenzie Trail in 2016 to Ushuaia, South America in 2017 without a single failure - a total of 72,000 collective tire miles - without a failure. In the 18th century, MacKenzie… Alexander Mackenzie Heritage Trail Off Road trail in Quesnel, British Columbia (Canada). Download its GPS track and follow the itinerary on a map. Watch Expedition Overland’s “Return to The MacKenzie” Series It's worth the subscription. Also — and more correctly — known as the Nuxulk-Carrier Grease Trail, this is the overland portion of Alexander Mackenzie's 1793 journey to the west coast, the first European to cross North America from coast to coast. The Australian Outback For now, here are the places I have traveled in the true Overland sense The McKenzie Trail 12 years before the famed Lewis and Clark expedition, the first European to cross North America and reach the pacific Ocean was Alexander MacKenzie, in 1793. This year, however, … The Alexander MacKenzie Heritage Trail (also Nuxalk-Carrier Route or Blackwater Trail) is a 420 km (260 mi) long historical overland route between Quesnel and Bella Coola, British Columbia, Canada. Their first expedition resulted in navigating only 40 miles of the 120-mile historic trail, due to extreme deadfall, lack of fuel and depleted resources. For the Expedition Overland Team, that place was the Alexander MacKenzie Trail in BC Canada. Northern and Eastern Africa - Especially Ethiopia and Egypt. This trip runs through the eastern side of the Cascade Mountain range, which includes views of several peaks, including the massive volcanic mountains Rainier and Adams. South America - All of it! Mexico - The Baja peninsula . The final 420 km of his route was along a traditional aboriginal trail used to transport fish grease from the coast to the interior of British Columbia for trading. The route had been used for generations of First Nations to transport Eulachon (a small fish) grease from the coast to First Nation communities inland. Central America - Mexico to the Darien Gap. Also known as the Nuxalk-Carrier Route, the Blackwater Trail, or simply the MacKenzie Trail. Alaska - The Mackenzie Trail & The Dalton Rd. Quick Links: The Mojave Road, Central Colorado passes trip plan needed Titus Canyon - Death Valley, CA - 1/1/2016 Big Bend 2014 Took a Trip (San Diego to Banff) Mojave trail run - March 18th, 2018 Expedition Overland - Mackenzie Trail 2016 - On YouTube soon! The Alexander MacKenzie Heritage Trail is a top contender. Collectively, Expedition Overland has run General tires for 500,000 miles from 2013-2017 with only two … Site Description: The Alexander Mackenzie / Nuxalk - Carrier Grease Trail is a Historic route with which the help of local First Nations, led Mackenzie overland to the Pacific. Washington Cascade Overland Route is a 553-mile journey of mostly non-paved roads, that take you from the town of Stevenson, near the Oregon border to Night Hawk which is on the Canadian border. Alexander MacKenzie Heritage Trail, British Columbia The trail is 260 mile long historical overland route between Quesnel and Bella Coola, British Columbia, Canada. Of the many grease trails connecting the Coast with the Interior, it is the most notable and often is referred to as the Grease Trail The trail is a 420 km long overland route between Quesnel and Bello Coola, British Columbia and is named after the explorer, you guessed it, Alexander Mackenzie.

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