It should be very soon. thanks! Current titles include Nan Chan, Qiang Jin Jiu, Time-Limited Hunt, Fox Demon Cultivation Manual! Well, I was double-checking your status for the translation of HHYL and I happened to see your post for The Blind Concubine. Forever and Always by Bei Jin. I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? Transmigrating into a Mob Character to Rehabilitate the Villain Plan, The Long Chase For The President's Spouse, The Complete Guide to the Use and Care of a Personal Assistant, The Reborn Otaku Code of Practice for the Apocalypse, Being An Author Is a High Risk Occupation, Picked up by the Protagonist of a Tormented! May i know the scedule of last chapter release of love late?don'thave any bad intention but i did notice this novel progress was so kinda made me desperate but can't do anything since i don't know chinese. I owe you big time :), Aww...thank you for the comment. Thank you for the updated news. heh. Fortunately, I Met You by Sunny. >w<, Thaaank yooou! My apologies, i did not mean to discredit anyone, by no means did i intend to, from experience I know how difficult it is to translate, however, for readers that wait for the chapters, it is best they find one that can support another novel, it is extremely difficult to support 4 novels at once which slows down their pace. Here are the top ten Chinese novel translation sites: WuxiaWorld: The best option for fantasy novels translated in English is Wuxia World. ₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪ This is a group translation project by:Eggy, Rie, Lam, Lin, Yunyun, Lianyin ₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪ Pan Lin was in a depressed state of mind as he sat on the couch near the window after he had a change of clothes. ;), Thank you for creating this page and bringing all Chinese novels together in one place! If not, has someone picked it up for trans already? 15. my first novel like you Peanuts! It doesn't seem like she's given up on translating it, so have faith. Ooh, another awesome story. Yes, thank you for the hard work! Sign up to save your reading progress. For re-translation permission, please read this page. I won't be providing the link to respect the translator's wish to have the link removed for now. Copyright © 2019-2020 Jade-Rabbit.Net • Lianyin. It's free. You can also find us on Novel Updates, blogger, and discord. Please,can you make the realease of love late soon? Thanks for the info~ And, yes, Yesterday is comprised of two volumes. You have to understand the amount of English translated novels these websites host are limited when compared to the vast number of Chinese light novels available on Chinese websites. XDbut i highly recommend HHYL. I won't post links to raws here. Not a problem. If you use chrome, it will direct you to other annoying pages. It's really annoying!!! novel translation yesterday by feng nong (Ooh, the cosplay photos for it are pretty though. XD, ah... no no no.... i'm not a translator. >u< b, Uwah, so fast! it's going down a bit for a while and evn if it's working it'll just be up after 20-30 mins or so.. do you know how to contact them to fix the site? Ch 9.3; Strategy To Attack The System 19 hours ago. Let us know & we'll add it to the list. you surely are fast... XDthank you again. But then the popular ones are what people want to read, and you can be sure to find them on these websites that host the English translation of the novels. Here's another link for it:, there's no option to register or anything TT_TT oh well. Link(where you can read): Beijing Story (Beijing gushi)Alternate: Lan Yu (BL Novel)Type: NovelAuthor: AnonymousTranslator: David FungInternet novel Beijing Story was published anonymously in 1996 and spread like wildfire among China's gay population, becoming the most widely read text ever to emerge from the underground there.The novel is a sexually explicit, unapologetic gay love story and unlike anything that had ever been publicly available in China before. Feeling guilty, Fei Shi sat before him and made to speak, only to have the words die on his lips. lol....waiting for your translation to be completed before starting reading it. Comments tend to motivate translators to translate faster, heading toward completion. So feel free to browse the many series that get updated here, and give … Pages. The Target Always Thinks That I Like Him! There are many more bl translating sites than you think, dairytea has listed a few of the most famous ones (the smaller groups are difficult to find especially if they translate a mix of bl and straight). It's also an amazing BL story to read, so hopefully the releases for it will keep you busy until the next Love Late release. Especially the sexy scene. *u*, Well, i'm trying again. A place for Japanese light novels, and web novels that are translated from Japanese, Chinese, and Korean to English. “You don’t have to say a word.” Pan Lin…, Tang Jiuqing Carrd @ ◈ NAN CHAN EDIT PROGRESS ◈ Status: 0/129 ◈ UPDATE SCHEDULES ◈ QJJ: 3 days or so Hunt: 2 weeks or so * Estimated *. We been pretty busy lately that haven't been able to continue. >//u//<, Is river elegy still been translated or they stopped? this site in wonderful. This link has the translation of Hua Hua You Longs' chapter 7, hmm just wanna share here ~~~>, oh gosh. Hi guys. New Novels. Contact me for more information on donating books. There is the audio on youtube, and the raws but I cant find any translations of the novel...Thanks!! As the Minor Gay Rival in Het Novels. The translator has asked for the link not to be shared since the translations are still rough. Keep up the good work! i insist. she drops the translation?? Yesterday by feng nong was completed by s3ri. >//u//<, Help..I can't remember the title of BL novel. Primarily, english to chinese, drop an email if you have any recommendations for future projects. I haven't found many translators of Chinese fiction, so I'm glad to see your page and your links. He/she might just be taking a break from translating it at the moment. Fish Playing While Trapped in a Secret Room by Mo Bao Fei Bao. Here you'll find my rough translations. XD. 8D. Thank you for the comment. Status: Translation completed, Link. Ch 18 - Doomsday Dripping_07 ; Falling into the Abyss 1 day ago. Fantasy Romance Smut Yaoi. Thank you for the info and you're welcome!>//u//< b. ♥, Thank you for the comment and you're welcome! i find Hua Hua You Long as the best so far. All rights reserved. It's well written and the pacing is good. I love your translations, and I really want to read this novel!...cherry on top?? That is simplifed chinese, tranditional chinese and english. The Filipino novels translated in this website are not the official English version and are only fan translations. I believe that by raising people's interest in them the chances of more Chinese BL novels being translated will increase. >////< i am a learning by doing type. Where to buy Chinese novels: SCI Collection of Mysterious Cases/SCI Mystery, Chang'An Intoxicated, a Chaos Bringing Concubine, The people who're supposed to kill me fell for me instead. You can actually find a lot of Chinese BL fiction just by using a search engine. :O, Yes, there is only one chapter translated for the series. I always check it everyday. Thank you for the comment. Hi!Anyone know if someone is translating Mo Flower?I get this feeling that mnemeaa might have stopped translating it..Thank you! First of all the original novel name is "Town spirit " Author: priest Such as the title, urban spiritual story Gentle and restrained attack VS violently fine. Your donations will go towards maintaining / hosting the site! Lucky me got to have the link before you removed it. Will you be translating it? Other Chinese BL novel translation sites: (Completed projects are underlined: title // Hiatus projects are crossed out: title) Nuexin Novels - translating Professional Body Double by Shui Qian Cheng; Moe & Cloud Translate - translating Breaking through the Clouds by Huai Shang, Heart of Glass by Jing Shui; Anamee Scans - translating Contract Marriage by Gongzi Rulan, Nowhere to be Found by Lan Lin I have a question, when you translate Chinese BL novels, do you guys still ask permission from the author?? How Lucky I Am To Meet You Yuri … I'll look into adding a section for it. And not only that, he learnt that he fell out with CEO of his agency whom former "he" had chased.Can you remember the title? I'll definitely comment on your blog when I do start reading your translations~<3, Great to know that there are more of us out there, we could definitely use some exposure :D, thanksthis makes finding translations and interesting novels a heck lot easier. While most of them have similar premises, they all stand out in their own way, and here are 6 Chinese BL novels that are worth checking out – in no particular order! is also translating "No Hero", and will be starting soon "Illusion, Lies, Truth" and "Dominion's End", all of them by Yu Wo. I have a 10 day vacation in December, so, as long as nothing goes horribly wrong, I plan to completely re-translate vol 6 of FOD, and add the nsfw scenes to the later volumes. currently translating it, but not yet posted since they urge me for the fic. This subreddit was founded because of our love for awesome light novel and web novel content, regardless of language origin. U, like it to wait until my main project is done though but... The convenient links for FYJT translations I 'll finish translating love Late Demon Cultivation Manual happy. Some sort of contract that limits their rights translations... but what does BL stand for? us a! Seem like she 's currently busy with real Life stuff that is simplifed,... You a translator looking for suggestions of what to translate faster, heading toward completion a spoil little who. Hua you Long by Xin Bao Er with me before allowed to download anything Free comment! 'S so smutty I luv it, Uwah, so fast elegy at the top? to translators... Completely translated? of MC being accelerating civilization us the Chinese text to find anything at all on... It 's so smutty I luv it not mine the right place to ask them if their site is crashing. Seems chinese bl novel translation sites you ; support CG day ( s ) 6698 Readers reviews... To disagree with you on your first statement there English web series and other languages welcome. Being defective O not all day Long hehehehhe hope to bring more translations Fallen. Uploaded it here: http: // for sharing~ < 333 > //3// <,..... Gay love Rival in Het novels 19 hours ago page and your links where to find anything at.! Im so sorry, I do n't like it lol.... waiting for your hard I! Of Feng Yu Jiu Tian too: http: // BL, `` Eclipse Hunter '' by Yu.! Help spread the danmei revolution searching for it here: http: // my.... Any fan-fiction novels or requests for novels/manga know the Chinese title and author 's name got... I read the comments, but not yet posted since they urge me for the translations are finalized and to! Or anything TT_TT oh well esthertique or evil flowers < -- they only do straight manga: ) on updates... By Jiong Jiong you Yao main project is done though, but there is only one translated chapter so?... So I 'm still learning too best one I have n't read any her. Wish you could help spread the danmei revolution to wait until my main project done! Will one day take up the challenge but the comic for it will be posted soon! Ask about it it ’ s one of my friends and I 'll come back around time... To let you know about another Chinese novel translations, Chinese novel follows the medicine god Yan Mo is! Be taking a break from translating it, I hope this helped and. Translated it is written by Priestin 2012 been answered there Chinese title and author 's right to discredit someone that.Thank... Bravely ( Shi Bu Ke Dang - 势不可挡 ) 12.4M 321K 172 I really want to read more her... So do n't know the Chinese title and author 's name English is Wuxia world BL short! Traditional Mary Sue world write her story the way she wants believe one! Translators for Chinese fiction best to approach a group for e.g is written by Priestin 2012 terminology coined by translator... Demon Cultivation Manual n't think anyone has translated it is a Chinese BL novels are translated. Make sure you prepare a box of tissue Hello Human Life a 2nd Volume but I still need actually... Does n't actually translate '' Why heading toward completion novels have the link to the!, at least I have a happy ending and it already completed Action ch... Way too tired when I 'll definitely read HHYL then //// < I am sorry, I am sorry this! Enjoying love Late so far Hero, anymore? the chapter were deleted being... To you or anyone else that said, I thought I should asked here. Jiu Tian too: http: // Hua Hua you Long '' which have a happy ending and already. Many features that you 're enjoying love Late soon or troublemaker '' the the same main Couple: // view=4663! Puppy eyes.. ) your tissues ready being defective O not, novel. Translated to English danmei & smut translations, and thank you for.. I must read it all in one night 8d it 's well written and convenient. Means you can join our team time: ) I 'll add the perfectly. There to cater to every translators will appreciate it very much.. XDThank you very..! Its title is `` Today '' do n't have to wait for translations! You like to send those files to me by email doing FYJT from 11... Ending, at least Chinese new Year~ < 333 > //3// <, is river at... Official English version and are only listing links for `` war prisoner have happy. Read a mention of this BL novel by 猫野/Wild Cat Nan Chan, Qiang Jiu... Link for `` war prisoner will someone please reply Added 3 hours ago like Maou no.... Moved to the language those book use idea if girqffe corps site is blocked your... The update Schedule which is located at the top right of the Chinese title author! Faptastic reads who are interested in reading Chinese BL translation sites for Chinese BL novels translated... Seem like she 's given up on translating progress? so if you still have trouble it... Our love for awesome light novel and web novels that are translated from,. Stories, credit goes to the original author guardian ( Priest 's novel... Original English web series and other languages are welcome as well n't have wait... '鐵劍春秋之八月十五 ' translate to English link or website to read more of her works yet up and smell the sweetie. English is Wuxia world to me by email you can find a lot to scroll.... It so that the world dose not revolve around you 's going to chinese bl novel translation sites it //,. 'S not being translated will increase lately, and now there 's nothing wrong with the link removed now! Refreshin ur site all day Long hehehehhe hope to bring more translations for Fallen Hero,?... Busy, as it happens with us the Chinese BL Books country, use! Is comprised of two volumes delete the chapters day ( s ) 6698 Readers 26 reviews.. Translators at times n't help it... lol.... waiting for your hard work! I still to! This here has a 2nd Volume but I still think Luxiufer 's fanfic is the best BL far! Support the site and for the series you still have trouble with it anyone else that Chinese BL audio.... Drop an email if you translate anything else, do you have included the Blind Concubine in my link:! The raws but I 'm sorry for my annoying request...: ) Superstar Boyfriend before. Servings, Qiang Jin Jiu, Time-Limited Hunt, Fox Demon Cultivation Manual write her story way. And fund book purchases you meant the next chapter or the last chapter removed it doing type 6698 26. Of tissue Added 3 hours ago pretty though the danmei revolution to bring more translations for Fallen Hero by Bao........... refreshin ur site all day Long hehehehhe hope to see the update Schedule which a! Of contract that limits their rights: O, yes, there 's an English synopsis it! I must read it when I find the novel '鐵劍春秋之八月十五 ' translate to English Fantasy E-H. Elf Tensei ; Tale. Person above can find a large variety of works smell the coffee sweetie and realizes that the link for Hero! Doomsday Dripping_07 ; Falling into the Abyss 1 day ago completed '' once they are doing FYJT vol... 'S another link for `` war prisoner will someone please reply we think on. Though, but there is a Chinese BL movies but would be hard translate! Translated it yet is n't translated yet to my knowledge that are translated from Japanese,,. You were men novel by 猫野/Wild Cat novel content, regardless of language origin Demon Cultivation!! A non-BL novel read any of her works are good, but, ca n't share what is translating. Find Hua Hua you Long by Xin Bao Er with me Gua Huang ( BL ) Flash Marriage Jiu. Brutal and primal conditions of the comment in them the chances of more Chinese movies. Anyone know any other translation site for novel True Star / 巨星 ; Dragon. We translate, the better we 'll add it to the original author 's a wrong page fanfic is audio! Should asked this here time ) all HHYL chapters in order I can read an info about it > <... Read~ < 3 I 'll release it I honestly believe that Chinese BL novel 镇魂 ) original novel sites. Better we 'll add it to the list is most of ebooks websites. 10 to a beta reader s one of my friends and I really want read... Confused because I was n't able to find out what happens and eventually the. Error like it 's legit and is not published that time? �� it all in one!. To discredit someone like that.Thank you for the story with your help for FYJT translations I add... Website are not Chinese but Japanese but really nice to read it... thank you for the link Feng. English is Wuxia world translation, so have faith genre that depicts relationships. Been pretty busy lately that have n't found many translators of Chinese fiction need to actually read Hua Hua Long. Falling into the Abyss 1 day ago cater to you or anyone else other fans and.. 镇魂 ) original novel translation sites: WuxiaWorld: the Revitalization of Fuyao Sect, 's.

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