Established November 2007, in the virtual world of Second Life, Kappa Alpha Rho is an organization providing an environment for men to grow and prosper with the support of a strong brotherhood. Casually known as “Kappa Kingz” we are one of the oldest male fraternities in Second Life. Two years and counting is an eternity considering the social volatilities that comes with participating in Second Life.

Kappa alpha Rho started out simply as a social fraternity. In the beginning, times were fun. However, over time we realized that fun would only last so long.

The leadership of Kappa Alpha Rho incrementally added structure and the membership accepted. It was out of this effort that we started to gain a reputation of being a mature organization. This belief was important not only from our peers but also from the inside by the participating members.

With the social turbulence Kappa Kingz work hard to provide a structure that benefits the individual brother. Additionally, our structure and stability reflects on our surrounding community. Kappa Kingz participate in many events and efforts and we consider ourselves as an upstanding citizen among our fellow Greek organizations and within the Second Life grid.

Becoming a King is no easy task. We screen all prospects to make sure they are potentially Kappa material. We look for men who have a desire to contribute to our organization, contribute to Second life and adhere to our desire continually to grow as men. Our pledge process helps us determine if the individual is worthy and if his ability to work as a team exists. The pledges are on their first steps towards becoming “Men Among Boys” once the pledge process is completed.

“Men Among Boys” are truly what we are. However, we don’t believe we are simply better than others. Kappa Kingz strive to be better than average, no matter what average is. If average raises the bar then Kingz must stay above that mark. Kappa men naturally strive to be the best. Our actions and efforts implicitly remind us to strive for excellence.

Kappa Alpha Rho is continually looking for more opportunities to participate in positive events, Second, we are always looking out for more good brothers, Finally, Kappa Alpha Rho wants to leave a legacy to the game and always be know humbly as the best men who grace an avatar in Second Life